Dr. Ines Mynttinen

EEG and Neurostimulation Expert


English, French

Training Areas

Neurofeedback, rTMS, tDCS, QEEG

Dr. Ines Mynttinen has a degree in social education with a focus on psychiatry and addiction care. After her studies she worked in psychiatry for several years.

For several years Ines educated herself intensively in the field of bio- and neurofeedback and attended courses with internationally renowned scientists and practitioners in these fields. Ines also holds a doctorate in technical physics.

During her collaboration in various academic projects, she worked on the simulation and optimization of technical and physical systems. After completing her doctorate, she moved to an international company, where she worked for six years as a developer of complex systems.

Since April 2018 Ines has been responsible for service, consulting and training for neurofeedback devices at the neuroCare Group as a product specialist. Besides introducing users to the operation of neuroCare systems, Ines is a lecturer at the neuroCademy.